As the name implies, an e-shop is an electronic store. It is a kind of multi-page site that allows you to present and directly sell to customers products or services online, which are mostly divided into categories. The specifics of the site are also the implementation of the purchase process – searching, adding a product to the shopping cart, creating an order and making a payment. Last but not least, it provides information on terms and conditions, shipping methods and complaint handling. The site is always linked to a specific database in which data about specific products is stored. More complex e-shops can be connected to economic, logistics or accounting systems. Marketon can build you a website on several platforms:

WooCommerce | Shoptet | Opencart | Prestashop

What are the advantages of e-shop?

  • It makes it easy to search using a search engine or using the categories into which the products are divided.
  • The customer can narrow down his choice using filters (price, size, brand, etc.).
  • It provides concise information about specific products / services, as well as about the conditions of your store.
  • Allows online payments.
  • It allows you to create a customer account where he can find order history, favorite products, deal with a complaint or also receive a discount/coupon for the next purchase.
  • Advantageously presents your store if you sell more than 3 products.
  • Saves customer’s time.
  • Saving on the cost of running a physical store.

Do I need an e-shop that Marketon will make for me?

  • Yes, if you want to sell more than 3 products / services.
  • Yes, if you do not or can not have an physical store.
  • Yes, if you want to take care of your regular customers, monitor their behavior, for example, what they buy, how often, when etc., provide them with quality customer service, offer coupons or discounts.
  • Yes, if you want to strengthen the position of your store in the digital world.
  • Yes, if you want to engage your potential customers with targeted PPC ads on Google and Facebook, use remarketing and offer customers exactly what they are looking for.

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