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O Hotel Rehavital is located in the heart of Jablonec Nad Nisou near the Jizera mountains. The hotel is ideal for those who like nature and peace, but do not want to lose touch with the city. The hotel is ideal for travelers who want to feel comfortable and satisfied at an affordable price.

Requirements and objectives: we received a task from the client to come up with a new modern design of the site, which was not attractive and clear before, was overloaded with information, the client had little opportunity to direct the client to the reservation system.

Problem: a cluttered and unclear site that did not match the desirable image of the hotel, did not emphasize the attractiveness and exceptional features of this recreation facility and locality.

Our solution: we made a new design that is clean, clear, we invented a system of subpages, increased the number of CTA (call to action, in this case “book a room”) buttons, designed a way to emphasize the uniqueness of the Jizera mountains location and also the uniqueness of the Hotel Rehavital.

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