Web development / Redesign
Results: relevant site traffic increased by 30%, SEO positions improved.


O is a professional in construction. The company is engaged in cutting and drilling of reinforced concrete structures. They use very high-quality tools from Hilti and Brokk.

Requirements and objectives: Mactor has created a website using one of the well-known self web builders, but it did not meet their goals and requirements, was not user-friendly, contained low-quality photos, had a confusing structure and, therefore, did not meet the company’s goals.

Problem: an unstructured website, poor-quality content, lack of relevant information, lack of a contact form.

Our solution: we studied both local and foreign competitors in this area, created the site structure, updated the logo, created high-quality content in the form of photos and videos, added relevant information that best describes the quality and professionalism of the services offered, created an individual design, developed an optimized website and developed a GDPR page, set up a mailbox, developed business cards.

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