Nova et Vetera

Web development
Results: Nova et Vetera has its own unique branding, it has sites that both present a great offer and attract potential applicants for their real estate.

Nova et Vetera

O is a developer whose goal is to make such a reconstruction that will turn an old and tired interior into a new, comfortable and practically designed home, meeting all the requirements of modern living.

Requirements and objectives: Nova et Vetera is relatively young, and for this reason it needed to implement both a logo, business cards and signatures, as well as a corporate website that will beautifully present the properties they have on offer.

Problem: there was no branding of the company, no logo or website.

Our solution: we created a logo that best met the client’s requirements and the company’s vision, designed business cards and company signatures, researched websites in the field, and created a unique, very modern and simple design, created a website in two languages, developed a website for SEO.

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