Your Body Health

Web development

Results: a clear and stylish website that delivers quality conversions, sales growth of 456% in the month-on-month comparison, a decrease in bounce rate (rate of immediate leaving the site) by 63.5 %.

Your Body Health

O is a company that sells high-quality Czech natural organic cosmetics Botanicus and vitamins and dietary supplements. Their offer is so diverse that everyone will find what they need.

Requirements and objectives: the client came to us with a request to remake the old website, which was not responsive or design-friendly, had no logical structure and had a lot of technical errors. The requirement was to create a new, clean and clear website that could be used to sell products and set up PPC ads that would bring the desired result.

Problem: old cluttered website, colors that did not correspond with the vision of the company, insufficient technical solution.

Our solution: we created the website according to the graphic design that the client liked, developed the categorical structure of the products, set the preferred payment and delivery options, prepared the site for launching PPC campaigns, and made it possible to easily administer the site by the client himself.

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